About Me

Hi! I’m Ally. I am a home cook, wife, dog mom, Minnesota native and earth enthusiast. 🌿

In March 2020 I decided to create a food + lifestyle blog and instagram account, This Green Vegan! Follow me instagram @thisgreenvegan 😊🌱

On this blog I’ll be sharing my journey towards to living a vegan lifestyle, along with tips to “go green” by reducing your lifestyle’s environmental impact.

Here you’ll find all my weekend meal prep recipes, lifestyle tips I learn along this journey and all the amazing vegan treats I try in Minneapolis and elsewhere!

Connecting with others online has shown me how a vegan lifestyle IS possible for me. As I continue to learn I want to share that with you, whether you just want to make small changes or fully transition to being vegan. Let’s learn together!

Special thanks to Greengeeks.com for providing a sustainable web hosting service! To learn more about their sustainability commitments and mission, please visit their website.

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